Tips on How to Do a Ponytail

How To Do A Ponytail To Look Lovely

How to do a ponytail was one of the very first hairstyles we perfected as a child. Ponytails are probably the most popular hairstyles to date. How many of us throw our hair up in a quick ponytail on our way out the door when we don’t have time to do a more complicated hairstyle. Or pull our hair back in a pony while we are cleaning or working around the home?

Source: Kykhair via Instagram

Tips on How to Do a Ponytail Those with medium to long bob hairstyles can easily pull their hair back into a ponytail. But if you want a more intricate ponytail for a special occasion, you should consider something else. So, if you are just bored with the everyday ponytail, you can take a look at the following hair tutorial. We have compiled a short tutorial of 4 different ways how to do a ponytail if you would like some variations. Click NEXT to see 4 Fun Ways How to Do a Ponytail!