Get To Know How To Braid Your Own Hair Perfectly

Time To Learn How To Braid Your Own Hair

Still have no idea how to braid your own hair? If it makes you feel any better, you’re are not the only one. Even though the majority of girls love braided hairstyles, they don’t know how to get them done. And the main reason is that girls just can’t find a good source that will teach them how to braid hair step by step. Didn’t find a helpful tutorial on how to braid hair? That’s OK, we are here to scale new heights together! Just keep in mind that braids are not as complicated as they may appear, but in real life, they are even more beautiful than in photos. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get closer to the good old braids and discover the ways of braiding that every girl should try in her life. It’s all meant for beginners, but how you can be a pro without the base? Let’s go to learn how to braid your own hair! Fishtail Braid Bun Lace Fishtail Bun French Braid Crown Dutch Braided Bun Waterfall Braid

Fishtail French Braid Double Bun

Source: Missy Sue via Youtube

Get To Know How To Braid Your Own Hair Perfectly No wonder that you want to learn how to french braid your own hair! This is the most lovely hairstyle to sport in spring and summer. So here comes the must-know tutorial that will help you to learn how to braid your own hair. It’s time to discover new things. See how you can adorn your warm days:  Part your hair on the right side. Take the heavy side of the part and divide it out. Then, divide it into two pieces to do a french braid. Cross a small piece of your hair from the right side over to the left side and vice versa. Cross a small piece from the right over to the left. Take a new section of hair and cross it over to the left side and vice versa. Braid your hair in this way until it reaches your ears.  When your braid reached your ears, don’t add new sections to it and go on braiding a little bit further down. Cross a bobby pin over the bottom. Slide the pins along the back of your head to create an anchor for the bun. Next, pin up the braid right over the bobby pins. Take a section behind your left ear to create a loop over your braid. Pin it in place! Take another new section and repeat the steps 12 and 13. Then, pick up a section of hair from the right side of your head. Twist this section slightly and pin it next to the loops. Create a third loop, pinning the ends next to first two loops. Twist all the remaining hair together and wrap it clockwise to create a bun underneath the loops. Secure the base of your bun with some more bobby pins. Add some hairspray and your inspiring hairstyle is ready!