Amazing and Stylish Twist Hairstyles

Fun and Flirty Twists for Any Occasion

Twist hairstyles are a funky new alternative to traditional natural African curls, ideal for those who are bored with their curls and looking for a new and fun way to flaunt those waves. Twists are easier and quicker than traditional braids, which is good news for the novice. Twists also offer the same benefits such as retention of length, variety, and protection. They can differ from loose, hanging twists to flat twists similar to cornrows, plaited close to the scalp. There is a wide variety of fun, sophisticated and kinky twists. And since they are so easy and versatile, you can experiment with more than one style and mix it up. Contrary to popular belief, you are able to twist a long, layered haircut into many different styles. Twists can provide extra protection for natural hair. They help prevent breakage and promote healthy and natural hair growth. Click NEXT to check out our photo gallery of inspiring twist hairstyles!

1. Flat, Asymmetrical Updo Twist

Source: Sheilandinda via Instagram

Amazing and Stylish Twist Hairstyles When you think of twist hairstyles, you most likely think about a lot of tiny, thin twists. However, large twists are just as popular. This twist, also known as the Flat Twist, is an elegant yet simple hairstyle that you can easily pull off in just a few moments.

2. Micro Twists with Kinky Tips

Source: Sinavirginhair via Pinterest

Amazing and Stylish Twist Hairstyles This look shows a slight variation on the traditional twist style. Thin, blonde 2-stranded twists are swept back of the face and tied in a loose half updo. The tips of the braids are curled to add texture and style.