49 Tempting and Attractive Purple Hair Looks

Attractive Purple Hair Looks for Brave Women

Purple hair is for women who are not afraid to express themselves. It often happens that a woman wakes up and decides to change at least something in her appearance. Interestingly, it is a kind of a rule for a woman: if something negative occurs in life, change your hairstyle, and you will feel better. So, if you are stressed or depressed, why not dye your hair purple? However, not all of us that brave to do all-over dye. It is possible to do it step by step, starting with dying streaks.

1. From Dark Lavender To Frozen Raspberry Ombre

Source: Jeffreyrobert_ via Instagram

49 Tempting and Attractive Purple Hair Looks
The long layered bob hair cut is perfectly complementing this glamorous woman The purple hair along with it shows her vibrant personality. She is certainly someone who likes to change her look and knows how to work it! The Raspberry Ombre is giving her an exquisite trendy look that she can easily carry to any party as well as on any regular working day!

2. Royal Purple Bob

Source: Hairbyac_alcorn via Instagram

49 Tempting and Attractive Purple Hair Looks
This bob hair queen is truly looking like royalty in royal purple hair! This dark purple bob would perfectly complement oblong faces. The trick is knowing how to get dark purple hair. If you are already wearing colors like brown or black, you just have to let those colors fade a little before you go for the royal purple. Its most drastic results will appear clearly on natural hair only. Hand it to your trusted stylist and let her turn you into a royal purple queen.

3. From Navy Roots To Valerie Ends Ombre Hair

Source: Beautybyyasuko via Instagram

49 Tempting and Attractive Purple Hair Looks
The beautiful long wavy hair seems like clouds in the velvety blue night shown off by the navy blue roots combined with purple hair tips. You can be the shining star of any nighttime event with this extraordinary combination. If you have an olive tone skin, this is the color for you! It will complement your creativity and outgoing nature beautifully.