45 Fantastic Stacked Bob Haircut Ideas

Try Out These Stacked Bob Haircut Ideas

A stacked bob haircut will be the perfect choice in case you are looking for something sassy and trendy. A stacked bob will make your ‘do more voluminous and add some texture, if you are an owner of thick hair. In order to make your bob pop even more, try some vibrant colors, for example, red hair looks terrific. The stacked bob hairstyle is versatile and beautiful. It is amazing how a new haircut can change your entire look and style. There are various lengths of this style: from a medium length to super short. And there are many additions you can go for, from color choices to edgy elements. This is a great style to add volume and depth to fine hair because the layers are specifically created to do just that. While the stacked cut is similar to the A-line bob, there are distinct differences. The stacked effect is from the back, and it is important that this part of the cut is done very precisely. It is crucial to choose a salon and stylist who is familiar and has experience in cutting this style since it is a style that isn’t easily perfected.There are sleek and elegant versions of the stacked bob, as well. These are more attuned to a business professional who has a certain elegance to maintain. These types of a cut are often worn by business executives who are in the fierce competition for high-end jobs. These cuts carry a more professional and not quite as fun and playful air in them. Women who wear a style such as this demand attention the moment they step into a room and all eyes are on them. This is a very confident hairstyle that will boost one’s ability to play with the big boys.

1. Blonde Stacked Bob

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45 Fantastic Stacked Bob Haircut Ideas You can wear such a hairstyle to suit just about any occasion. From a look for a fun night out on the town to a neat look for the office to a look for a formal event. Read on and see some examples to get ideas that may work for you. In this example, our model has opted for long layers descending from the crown to the layers in the rear of the cut. This particular example has a long bang option that pairs well with the cut. The beautiful color job has gorgeous tones that add the illusion of depth and dimension to her hairstyle.

2. Messy Short To Medium Bob

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45 Fantastic Stacked Bob Haircut Ideas The wavy style is yet another option that gives a whole new look to the stacked bob. This cut plays to the crowd that prefers the messy look as opposed to a neater style. The waves and a slightly messy style of the stacks in the rear lean toward beach and fun air. This could also be considered a more edgy hairstyle than most.