42 Fantastic Dark Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Our Dark Blonde Hair Color Suggestions to Stimulate Your Decision

Dark blonde hair can be a nice option for those who are in pursuit of some great changes in the upcoming New Year. This color trend is drop dead popular among many celebrities. Such beauties as Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Anniston, and Jennifer Lopez rock this gorgeous color. Moreover, it is possible to add ombré or balayage. The combination of these two and a dark blonde is jaw-dropping. You should better check out the photos.

Sleek Wavy Dark Blonde Ombre

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42 Fantastic Dark Blonde Hair Color Ideas For a woman with dark blonde hair in search of a new look for the warmer months, this may be just what the doctor ordered. This dark blonde ombre fades flawlessly from the roots to the ends and provides a beautiful sun-kissed look. This would be the perfect look for a natural brunette who wants a lighter hair color but doesn’t have time to go to the hair salon every six weeks to maintain the look of her highlights. This look is also adaptable to practically any hair color. Another bonus of this style is the ease of maintenance with once a week blue toning shampoo and color safe daily shampoo. The use of blow dry heat protectant is a good idea as well to decrease the likelihood of any frizz.

Dark Blonde Wavy Balayage

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42 Fantastic Dark Blonde Hair Color Ideas The next dark blonde hair style we are going to discuss is this wavy balayage. This style is specifically for the purpose of adding volume and dimension to the wearer’s locks. The shine and softness achieved by this style is an added bonus. This style is designed for a woman who wants a trendy look without high maintenance. This style is also designed to assist in softening the angles of a face and works particularly well for women with long and diamond shaped faces. Once you decide on the desired color, your stylist can assist you in blending the color beautifully, using the balayage technique. Styling this hairstyle is fairly simple, as well. Just blow dry with heat protection and curl with a large barreled curling iron.

Brunette to Dark Blonde Ombre

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42 Fantastic Dark Blonde Hair Color Ideas This is a perfect hairstyle for someone who loves the dark blonde hair color but is frustrated with the upkeep of their roots. It allows for a drastic change while still having a solid foundation to stand on. The dark blonde ombre blends beautifully into a gorgeous dark brown base but gives a true sun-kissed look that is an all over color rather than having the streaks that a highlighted hairstyle would have. The great thing about this color is that it works equally well for every skin tone. It has a great balance as to not wash out darker skin tones. It is a great style for everyday wear, but you can also dress this style up for a formal evening dinner or celebration. With the need of a salon visit only every six to eight weeks, it is also great for a woman who is on the go and doesn’t desire to go to the salon every few weeks. This style is fabulous for women with thick hair. And even if you don’t have wavy hair, you can use curling lotion to help hold curls for a longer period of time.