18 Awesome Ways To Style Straight Hair Easily

Getting Straight Hair Isn’t That Troublesome!

Girls with straight hair dream of waking up with lovely curls, while naturally curly ladies spend hours straightening their hair, always trying different ways. Yes, this is how women’s world works, and today we are going to discuss everything about straight locks. Be ready to travel around the ultimate source of inspiration for those who want to take a fresh look at their curly, puffy or frizzy hair. Cool styling ideas to try, including heat-free ones, handy tips on straightening, nice color combinations, and easy tutorial are here to change your look!

Straight And Cute Long Brown Pixie

Source: yojatram via Instagram

18 Awesome Ways To Style Straight Hair Easily Though most straightening ways affect our hair in some measure, such a pixie can’t do without a flat iron. When your hair is relatively short, you have fewer possibilities to straighten it without heat, especially when you want to get an immaculate look like this. Remember: don’t grab huge locks when straightening. Otherwise, your hair will be too slick. Straighten your hair by layers, taking little sections one by one, and make sure that you softened it with a conditioner before starting.

Messily Styled Icy Blonde Pixie

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18 Awesome Ways To Style Straight Hair Easily Believe it or not, this messily styled pixie was created without any heat. If you’re about to create a bit messy silhouette and you don’t need to style every lock as neatly as possible, you can even let it air dry. Once you washed your hair, rub your hair gently with a towel, and let it dry itself, brushing your locks every five minutes. When you see that it’s almost dry, pull though your hair with your fingers and let it dry completely. Voila! It’s straight, yet not flat.

Lively Rose Pixie For Thin Hair

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18 Awesome Ways To Style Straight Hair Easily No wonder that ladies with thin hair stay away from flat iron. Most of all, it prevents a chance to get volume, plus thin locks are more sensitive to heat. Just look how lovely and effortless this soft rose pixie looks! It has a body, structure, and character, after all! The only thing you need is to dry hair with a towel, style it with a comb and let it air dry. Run your fingers through your hair and enjoy!